Сундук для закусок Reims Refreshment Chest

Сундук для закусок Reims Refreshment Chest

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    • Артикул
    • Вес
      35 kg
    • Размеры (ВхШхД)
      60x58x81 cm
    • Материал рамы
      Тиковое дерево
    • Тип
      Термос для льда

The classically designed Reims Refreshments Chest is based on the traditional wine coolers found in 18th and 19th century mansions. The Reims is insulated and has an inner liner of polypropylene. It can easily accommodate twelve bottles of Champagne or other refreshments needing to be kept cool. Melted ice can be drained using the solid brass tap at the back of the chest; the lid is supported by sliding brass stays. The Reims can be positioned using the turned teak and brass handles. Ideal for just chilling out!